Tuesday, 27 August 2019

Oracle Primavera P6, forgotten password and locked accounts

Had a situation where we had forgotten the admin password on one of our EPPM instances and the account had been locked out due to too many login attempts.

If you have another admin account then you can login as that user and reset the password or unlock the account using the admin front-end. If you don't then read on...

Fix locked account

Unlocking the account was achieved by doing the following.

  1. Login to the P6 apps server.
  2. Run adminpv.cmd from P6_HOME\p6.
  3. Login as privuser.
  4. Navigate to Configuration->Custom->Primavera P6 Configuration->Database.
  5. Right-click on Instance and select Reset login failures.

Fix lost password

Login to the database either as admuser or sys and run the following update statement.
update admuser.users set passwd = null where user_name = 'admin';
You can now login as admin, leaving the password blank.

Now that we were logged in to P6 we were able to reset the admin password.

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