Thursday, 14 March 2019

Check whether to patch Oracle OPatch

I was trying to figure out how to script if OPatch needed updating to the minimum required when patching Oracle software.

So I came up with the following.

Set my ORACLE_HOME to the software directory and add OPatch and bin to the PATH

export ORACLE_HOME=/u01/app/oracle/prod/mwwc12213

This is the minimum OPatch version required

export MIN_OP=

This gets the installed OPatch version

opv=$(opatch version | head -1 | cut -f2 -d":" | sed 's/^ *//g') # Returns

And then converts the version number to an array of numbers, splitting on the period

op_ver=(${opv//./ }) # Returns an array - 13 9 3 0 0
op_min=(${MIN_OP//./ }) # Returns an array - 13 9 4 0 0

I then convert each member of the array to a zero padded number and combine to make a 10 digit number

min_total=$(printf "%02d%02d%02d%02d%02d" ${op_min[0]} ${op_min[1]} ${op_min[2]} ${op_min[3]} ${op_min[4]}) # Returns 1309040000
ver_total=$(printf "%02d%02d%02d%02d%02d" ${op_ver[0]} ${op_ver[1]} ${op_ver[2]} ${op_ver[3]} ${op_ver[4]}) # Returns 1309030000

Display a message, either success or failure

if (( $min_total > $ver_total )); then
  echo -e "\nOPatch Version\n~~~~~~~~~~~~~~\nMinimum   : $MIN_OP\nInstalled : $opv\nStatus    : \e[31mFailed - Patch OPatch and retest before continuing.\e[0m\n"
  echo -e "\nOPatch Version\n~~~~~~~~~~~~~~\nMinimum   : $MIN_OP\nInstalled : $opv\nStatus    : \e[32mSuccess - Continue patching.\e[0m\n"

Success message example
OPatch Version
Minimum   :
Installed :
Status    : Success - Continue patching.
Failure message example
OPatch Version
Minimum   :
Installed :
Status    : Failed - Patch OPatch and retest before continuing.
This doesn't stop people ignoring this and continuing without patching but it's an easy way to calculate whether to patch OPatch or not.

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